What's my level?

Assess your English using the CEFR

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) provides a user-friendly tool for assessing your own level in a particular language, based on what you can actually do in that language. The CEFR self-assessment grid allows you to evaluate your skills in the areas of listening, reading, speaking and writing, based on a system of 6 levels, from A1 to C2.

To assess your level of English, you can use the grid in any language, e.g.:  

The grid is also available in 29 other languages.

The CEFR was developed by the Council of Europe. It is used throughout Europe, among other things as part of the Europass Language Passport

If you want to have your own assessment confirmed by doing a "proper" test, you might want to try one of these:

  • a 15-minute online test to help you assess your CEFR level.
  • Cornelsen GER: a more comprehensive test of about 40 mins. This test is offered on 3 different levels (A1-B1). In addition to your overall results, you also get detailed feedback on how you did on each question.