When quality counts

"Poetry is what gets lost in translation." - While American poet Robert Frost may well have a point as far as poems are concerned, your texts are perfectly safe with us: we'll get your message across intact and in one piece.  

In fact, not only is nothing lost in our translations, we specialise in finding ways to express something in English that you won't find in your dictionary. The translator's dilemma - getting the message across in a translation that .still sounds right and reads well - is why translating appeals to us: we like a good challenge!

Here are four examples of our published work:

On the other hand, more and more of our clients are writing their own English texts (rather than having them translated) and asking us to edit their drafts. This gives the authors maximum control over their texts while ensuring that the language of the finished product meets their own high standards. If these are also your priorities, then an expert language check may be your method of choice.

Here is an example of a publication we have edited:

  • Antonio M. Martino: The Mutual Assistance and Solidarity Clauses: Legal and Political Challenges of an Integrated EU Security System, ISBN 978-3631652589