How we work

Confidence – competence – communication

You want to feel good about speaking English; you want to be able to say what you need to say and get your message across effectively. We can get you there.

Your business is our business

Whatever your field of work – we make it our business to research it enough to make your language training 100% relevant to you. In addition to business, law, politics, government and international relations, we have designed specialised language training on a wide range of topics from agriculture to water management.
What’s your business?

Tailored to your needs

  • using texts and other materials from your field of work
  • discussing topics from your area of interest and/or expertise 
  • learning the vocabulary you need for your job
  • practising the kinds of meetings you need to attend
  • giving you the grammar and pronunciation support you need, based on the English you produce during your training

If you choose coaching as the most suitable way of upgrading your English, then all of your training will be designed to meet your specific, individual needs. 

Motivation is key

Motivation is key to successful learning. For us this means that, when designing your training, we do our best to make our materials and activities  

  • relevant
    What you work on in your training is useful for your work.
  • interesting 
    Speaking comes more easily if you have something to say. 
  • fun
    Why not have a good time while improving your English? 

Action in the classroom

Being active, interacting with other people, and doing it all in English – that’s the other half of the equation. For us this means that our teaching is guided by the principles of 

  • total immersion
    You speak English only – for maximum practice and optimal use of your training time.
  • learning by doing
    You are actively involved in doing things in English at all times – practical application is essential for effective language learning.
  • cooperative learning 
    Interacting in English with other learners gives you support and realistic practice – the best way to build your confidence.