Specialised English training

You name it, we'll design it

Do you need to communicate your specific expertise in English? We can provide specialised English language training for your field of work, whatever it may be.

Over the past 20+ years, we are proud to have worked with experts from diverse fields, for whom we have designed the following tailor-made, specialised seminars, among others: 

  • English for agriculture 
  • English for auditing 
  • English for consumer protection 
  • English for customs and taxation 
  • English for education 
  • English for engineers 
  • English for labour market experts 
  • English for labour relations 
  • English for managers 
  • English for pesticide experts 
  • English for regional planning 
  • English for science and technology 
  • English for social policy 
  • English for water management 
  • Environmental English 
  • Medical English
  • Womenspeak 

What’s your area of expertise? Come and talk about it - in English.

100% made to measure: English reading skills training

Not all of our specialised English training focuses on communication. Many professionals need to read English texts, often on highly complex subject matters, but don’t necessarily need to speak (much) English. Their key priority is reading efficiently.

Whatever you need to read - manuals, research reports or official documents;
whether your level of English is quite solid or a little shaky – 
efficient reading strategies will allow you to focus on your core tasks at work.
Develop your professional reading skills:

  • learn essential reading techniques that work
  • use reference tools efficiently (e.g. dictionaries and online resources)
  • practise on texts from your field of work, collected in your own, tailor-made reader 

2 days

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