Intensive English seminars

Immerse yourself in English

If you immerse yourself in something that you are doing, you become completely involved in it.” This dictionary definition is an excellent description of what happens in our intensive English seminars: our participants get completely involved in working exclusively in English over one or several days. Whatever you want to achieve in your English training (become more fluent, build your vocabulary, improve your writing skills, etc.), our intensive seminars are a highly effective way of getting you there.

We offer tried-and-tested standard seminars which we tailor to your/your organisation’s specific needs and interests:

Or we can design a unique, completely tailor-made training package exclusively for you/your organisation:

We provide seminars for companies, institutions and groups of individuals. So your first step towards your intensive English seminar is finding people to do it with (e.g. your unit or team at work, or your colleagues who work in the same field as you). We will be happy to talk to your institution’s training officer about organising your in-house English seminar. 

  • Intensive seminars work best for learners whose English is at level B1 or higher. Click here to assess your level.
  • Intensive seminars usually last between 1 and 3 days. A typical seminar day is 8 hours, including breaks.
  • A seminar group can have between 6 and 16 participants (sometimes up to 20).
  • Depending on group size and training aims, the seminar has one or two trainers (i.e. one or both of us).
  • We either teach at our clients’ offices (e.g. in a conference room), or at a training centre or seminar hotel

English courses: a less intensive alternative

If an intensive seminar does not fit in with your schedule, the answer is a classic course format with shorter units over a longer period of time.