English Conversation Classics

Confidence is key

More than anything else, most of our clients want to be able to speak English without worrying if they can do it. For us this means: building your confidence is our main objective.

In our conversation seminars, you get maximum speaking practice (and you activate and increase your vocabulary, too). The trick is learning by doing. You will be surprised how much English you can speak in one day!

Of course speaking comes more easily if you have something to say. This is why we make sure your English conversation training offers you plenty of interesting topics that are relevant to you.

When was the last time you said “Pleased to meet you”? Time to do it again:

  • practise speaking in a stress-free environment
  • activate your vocabulary and learn new words and phrases
  • build your confidence and get ready for your next steps in English
  • talk about yourself and your work and get the key vocabulary you need for this

1 day

Feel right at home when surrounded by English-speaking strangers:

  • start a conversation and keep it going
  • perfect the art of making small talk
  • take an active part in discussions
  • learn essential phrases and develop your conversation repertoire

1 day

Flex your conversation muscles, take your English a step further:

  • boost your confidence in discussing challenging topics (e.g. current affairs, developments in your field of work)
  • activate and expand your general and professional vocabulary
  • train your communication skills:

    • stating your opinion
    • agreeing and disagreeing
    • making professional small talk

  • talk about issues of interest to you and express your views on these

1 day

Boost your confidence and your competence in two days of intensive practice.
Highlights from all of our Conversation Classics, selected and tailored to your needs, e.g.:

  • reactivating your school English
  • socializing and small talk
  • discussing topics of interest to you
  • talking about yourself and your work

2 days

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