Office Communication

Talking to the world – by e-mail and on the phone

Whether you write your own e-mails or do it for someone else; whether your phone calls are mostly on your own behalf or for your boss: communicating in a foreign language can be quite a challenge when it’s not face-to-face. For many of us, English e-mails and phone calls have become part of everyday work, so it’s worth knowing exactly what to write or say without having to worry about it.

Tell us what types of e-mails you write and what sorts of phone calls you make, and we will design a seminar where you can practise exactly the kind of office communication you need.

Sound confident and professional on the phone:

  • get your message across clearly
  • learn and activate essential telephoning phrases
  • be prepared for standard situations on the phone (e.g. getting connected, leaving messages, handling problems)
  • practise the phone calls you need to make and get feedback on how you did 

1 day

Feel OK about your mail after clicking on “send”: 

  • write clear, effective e-mails
  • use correct e-mail etiquette (Mrs or Ms? Yours sincerely or Best regards?)
  • learn and activate essential phrases for formal and informal e-mails (e.g. making requests, giving good or bad news ...)
  • practise writing the e-mails you need to write, get feedback and practical tips for improvement  

1 day   

Brush up your English for office communication in one day of compact training:

  • learn and activate essential phrases for telephoning and e-mail
  • practise standard phone calls and e-mails
  • get help with your questions regarding phone calls and e-mails

1 day

Boost your confidence and your competence in two days of intensive practice.
Highlights from our Essential Business Communication and Office Communciation seminars -
selected according to your needs, e.g.:

  • communicate with your partners by phone, e-mail and face-to-face
  • effectively handle practical challenges (e.g. international events, travel arrangements …)
  • perfect your professional small talk
  • practise realistic scenarios from your work context, e.g.:

    • receiving visitors
    • presenting your organisation
    • explaining life in Vienna

2 days

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