Essential Business Communication

First things first – communicating face-to-face

There are three things we probably all do when meeting new people: we make contact, we talk about ourselves and find out about the other person (personal as well as professional things), and – if they are from abroad – we talk about our country. In business, doing these things well is your ticket to successful communication.

In our Essential Business Communication seminars you get the vocabulary and the intensive speaking practice you need for this – and of course there is room for talking about yourself and your work/business/organisation.

Be in your element when networking in international settings.

  • feel confident about building business contacts and making professional small talk
  • make optimum use of networking opportunities
  • learn essential phrases: know what to say, and how to say itffectively
  • present yourself and your work in informal contexts 

1 day

This seminar is all about you:

  • talk about your business, organisation, unit or team and the work you do
  • get the specific vocabulary you need for this
  • practise using it in formal and informal situations
  • generate your own language resources to take home (e.g. a brief presentation of your work/ business/organisation, a glossary of key vocabulary ...) 

1 day

Be a good ambassador of your country:

  • explain Austria to your foreign contacts:
  • life and customs, business and politics, culture and current affairs
  • get the right English vocabulary for this
  • practise talking about Austria in realistic situations (e.g. receiving visitors)
  • talk about yourself/your organisation in this context

1 day

Boost your confidence and your competence in two days of intensive practice.
Highlights from our Essential Business Communication and Office Communciation seminars -
selected and tailored to your needs, e.g.:

  • communicate with your partners by phone, e-mail and face-to-face
  • effectively handle practical challenges (e.g. international events, travel arrangements …)
  • perfect your professional small talk
  • practise realistic scenarios from your work context, e.g.:

    • receiving visitors
    • presenting your organisation
    • explaining life in Vienna

2 days

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